Villages and Castles

La Casa di Paglia is located in an area of ​​high historical-naturalistic value.

We are immersed in an area of ​​castles and we are right under the Canossa Castle ; a few kilometers from us, Rossena Castle stands out from the red ophiolitic rocks and gives a unique vision.
On weekends you can also visit the Castle of Sarzano , 8 kilometers away and the Castle of Carpineti . Going down to Quattro Castella you can visit the Bianello Castle and Montecchio, the homonymous castle .
We also boast beautiful stone villages ( Votigno , Ceredolo dei Coppi , Vercallo , Bergogno ) that can be visited and reached on foot, along well-traced CAI paths, immersed in nature that also allow you to enjoy panoramas on the Apennine side and towards the Pietra di Bismantova .