At the Casa di Paglia di Canossa, love for the environment begins with attention to natural resources, such as water and energy, up to the conscious purchase of zero km products.

Domestic hot water is heated by the sun, electricity is produced by photovoltaic panels: our philosophy remains that the best energy is that which is saved with careful gestures of awareness.

Every day we pay attention to the reduction, reuse and correct recycling of waste. In shopping we pay attention to packaging, we use ecological soaps that we self-produce at home and ecological detergents.

Breakfast is a selection of genuine products that tell the territory prepared with love, usually organic or fair trade. We prepare homemade bread made with local grains, with sourdough and cooked in our external wood-burning oven every week, together with biscuits and cakes for breakfast.

To complete the sustainability picture, the structural elements of the house are also very low environmental impact: LED bulbs, washing machine in class A ++, as well as a natural insulation made from the straw bales that make up the perimeter walls and the clay used for the plasters of the whole house. We are members of the “Enostra” cooperative, a company that deals with clean, local and shared energy.

We firmly believe that sustainability begins with our daily choices: together we can make a difference.