Strawbale house

The naturalness that you live and breathe upon entering the Casa di Paglia, make it unique and extremely welcoming, making the stay experience an unforgettable event.

The structure is entirely self-built with natural materials, furnished with artifacts built by us or readjusted and recycled, without using chemicals but treating the materials with waxes and natural oils.

The house consists of two floors, on the ground floor is the independent area where we live, on the first floor there is the part of the B&B consisting of two rooms ( LA SPIGA and IL CHICCO ), a bathroom and a large room with a kitchenette for use common.

The B&B is also suitable for long stays, with the possibility of cooking and experiencing the spaces both inside and outside the thatched house: during the summer you can take advantage of outdoor spaces with seats to admire the Castle of Canossa .

La Casa di Paglia di Canossa is also Casa delle Erbe , inserted in a circuit of places scattered throughout Italy that offer knowledge and knowledge related to wild herbs.